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Our Manóa coffee liqueur is a real treasure among liqueurs. With carefully selected coffee beans, roasted by the experienced roasting company Coffee Sergeant masterfully roasted, and a special maturation in old rum barrels, it gets its unique and incomparable taste.

This versatile liqueur harmonizes perfectly with UNKNOWN Lands | Gin in Negronis, tastes wonderful neat on ice or as part of an espresso martini. However, it unfolds its full potential in combination with UNKNOWN Lands | Vodka as a White Russian. A duet that is unsurpassed in its perfection. In the words of a famous philosopher: "The Dude abides.

Alcohol content 22,4%
Contents UL-00010 ML

"Over the Mountains of the Moon,
down the Valley of the Shadow, ride, boldly ride
if you seek for El Dorado."
-Edgar Allan Poe

In the heart of South America, enveloped by the misty Andes and nestled in the green fabric of the jungle, there is a legend as old as the stars themselves. It tells of a place called Manóa, better known to us as El Dorado, a city of shimmering gold, a symbol of longing and the boundless imagination of the human spirit. 

Our story begins with the proud Muisca people, whose culture was based on respect for nature and reverence for the sun. They believed in the sacredness of gold and worshipped it as the tears of the sun. To celebrate their kings, the Zipas, they performed a remarkable ritual. The chosen ruler would be covered in resin and then bathed in the finest gold dust until he looked like a living, golden sculpture. He then boarded a raft and sailed to the middle of the sacred Lake Guatavita, where he plunged into the waters to the applause of the enthusiastic crowd to honor the divine sun god and wash off his golden shell.

With the arrival of Europeans in the New World, these stories became dreams and legends. Among them was the famous explorer and naturalist Alexander von Humboldt. Driven by his insatiable thirst for knowledge and his deep fascination for the as yet undiscovered world, his journey took him through South America, where he became acquainted with the Muisca culture and learned of the legend of El Dorado. He saw in the legend not only a dream of immeasurable wealth, but also a metaphor for the unlimited possibilities that life and nature have to offer.

Centuries have passed since then, but the magic of this legend lives on in our hearts. Today, the search for El Dorado is no longer just the search for a golden city, but also the search for fulfillment, the quest to realize our dreams and make the most of life. It is in this spirit that we present our Manóa coffee liqueur. With its rich, golden color and irresistible taste, it brings the essence of this ancient legend to your glass. It is a tribute to the bold dreamers and explorers, to the magicians and creators, to all those who are willing to follow their dreams and achieve the impossible. Enjoy a sip of Manóa and let the legend inspire you. Who knows, you might find your own El Dorado in every moment of pleasure.

Our Manóa coffee liqueur is a true treasure among liqueurs, a product of meticulous craftsmanship and deep-rooted tradition. We start with the best coffee beans, masterfully roasted by the Coffee Sergeant roastery. But what really sets our liqueur apart is the special ageing process. Our coffee liqueur is stored in old rum barrels, where it absorbs the deep sweetness and rich aroma of the rum. This unique method, known as "barrel aging", gives our liqueur incredible depth and complexity. But we go one step further: to complete the flavor dimensions, we add hand-picked vanilla beans from Sri Lanka. This rare ingredient gives the liqueur a subtle sweetness and an exotic flair that beguiles the palate and makes the experience unforgettable. 

Versatile and full of character, our Manóa coffee liqueur goes perfectly with UNKNOWN Lands | Gin in Negronis, neat on ice or as an espresso martini. However, its true masterpiece unfolds together with UNKNOWN Lands | Vodka - Green Pepper as a White Russian. This combination is unsurpassed in its perfection. And as a famous philosopher once said: "The Dude abides.”


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Campo das Vertentes is a coffee region in Brazil known for its high-quality coffee beans and the special treatment it gives them. Coffee from this region is known for its pronounced sweetness, full body and rich aroma, with notes of chocolate, nuts and dark fruits. 

The region is known for its hilly topography and temperate climate, which provides ideal conditions for coffee cultivation. The coffee plantations in Campo das Vertentes benefit from rich soils and a stable annual temperature, which leads to a slow ripening of the coffee cherries, allowing them to develop a more intense aroma and greater sweetness.

An interesting detail is that the region is also known for its sustainable agricultural practices. Many farms use natural resources efficiently and rely on organic farming methods to minimize environmental impact and maximize the quality of their beans.

The use of Campo das Vertentes coffee in a coffee liqueur gives the liqueur a deep, rich and complex note, reminiscent of a freshly brewed cup of coffee, with a hint of sweetness and complexity that harmonizes perfectly with the sugar and other ingredients in the liqueur.

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Vanilla pods

Real vanilla is one of the most complex and appreciated flavors in the world. Its subtle, rich and creamy notes can lend a coffee liqueur a sumptuous depth and sweetness that harmonizes perfectly with the intense aromas of coffee. 

Sri Lanka is known for its high-quality vanilla, which thrives in the island's tropical climate. The vanilla pods are pollinated and harvested by hand using traditional methods, a painstaking and time-consuming process that contributes to the high value of the vanilla. After harvesting, the pods undergo a careful fermentation and drying process to develop their full aroma.

Interestingly, the vanilla plant from which these pods come is an orchid and is one of the oldest and largest plant families in the world. And although we usually associate it with sweets and desserts, vanilla was also used for medicinal purposes in ancient times.

The use of real vanilla pods from Sri Lanka in a coffee liqueur not only provides an exquisite sweetness, but also a pleasant complexity and a hint of exoticism. They give the liqueur a delicious vanilla note reminiscent of a vanilla latte, making it a perfect treat for coffee lovers.

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Rum Barrel Aging

The process of barrel aging is an ancient method of refining spirits, and a coffee liqueur aged in an old rum barrel has a fascination all of its own. The spirits stored in the barrel absorb subtle aromas from the wood, resulting in more complex flavor profiles. 

An old rum barrel brings a range of additional flavors to the coffee liqueur. Rum is known for its sweet, rich and often fruity flavors. These flavors can be infused into the wood of the barrel and then released into the coffee liqueur. You can add notes of molasses, caramel, tropical fruits and spices that complement the rich, deep flavor of the coffee.

Interestingly, each barrel has its own history and each bears the traces of its past. An old rum barrel may have already housed several different types of rum, resulting in the development of unique aromas.

In addition, the interaction between the coffee liqueur and the wood of the barrel leads to gradual oxidation, which further rounds off the taste and binds the aromas together. The time that a coffee liqueur spends in the barrel can therefore have a significant influence on its final taste.

The barrel aging process adds an extra dimension of flavor and complexity to the coffee liqueur, making it a truly special treat. It is a celebration of time and patience and a tribute to the art of distillation and maturation.


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