Gin High WHAT?!

Exquisite high tea meets fascinating gin. Experience British tradition with modern gin cocktails. The Gin High Tea - a delightful experience for your senses.
The Gin High tea PodcastThe Gin High tea Podcast

Gin High Tea Podcast

Make yourself comfortable, grab your favorite gin and listen to the stories of gin producers from all over the world. Experience their passion, visions and challenges up close. Become part of this vibrant world.

Editors Choice Award

The Editors Choice Award honors special gins - masterpieces that stand out for their unique taste, impressive design and captivating stories of their creators.

Gin High Tea The book

Unique recipes, captivating stories, atmospheric illustrations and exclusive audio guides. For everyone who loves life and cocktails.

An exquisite symbiosis of traditional high tea
and the fascination of gin.

Experience how the sophistication of a classic high tea is combined with the variety and complexity of hand-picked gin cocktails. The Gin High Tea transforms traditional British tea culture into a modern, indulgent event that will invigorate your senses.

Gin High ...

Experience the magic

Make yourself comfortable, grab your favorite gin and listen to the fascinating stories of the people behind the bottles. We invite gin producers from all corners of the world to share their experiences, passions and challenges with us.

Experience first-hand the enthusiasm, vision and fighting spirit of these artists. Establish a personal connection with the faces behind the bottles and become part of this vibrant world.

Gin High Tea

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'The Gin High Tea' Editors Choice Award honors special gins for us - true masterpieces that stand out for their unique blend of taste, design and the compelling stories of their creators.

Editors Choice

Experience the champions
Discover the joy of mixing with "The Gin High Tea - Gin Cocktails"! This extraordinary coffee-table book invites you to explore the world of gin cocktails in your own way. Be inspired by unique recipes, captivating stories and atmospheric illustrations. Delve even deeper with the exclusive audio guides that accompany each chapter. A book for anyone who wants to enjoy life and cocktails beyond the norm. Curious?

Gin High Tea
The book

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An experience that touches all the senses and takes you into the fascinating world of gin. This is where passion, creativity and attention to detail come together to create something truly exceptional. Imagine this: You enter a salon that is so breathtaking that it leaves you speechless. Flowers wherever you look - a sea of pastel colors and lilacs. And the porcelain glitters in the candlelight like stars in the night sky. Every detail counts here, every napkin tells a story. The Gin High Tea is more than just an afternoon tea - it is an ode to the art of gin making, a celebration of taste and the senses. Here, what belongs together comes together: world-class gin and delicacies that will make your taste buds dance. Every bite is perfectly matched to the gin - it's not a random composition, but pure magic! Our vision is to bring people together who share this passion. We want to tell stories that invite you to dream and inspire you to start your own gin journey. The Gin High Tea should be an experience that touches, makes you laugh, marvel and dream. An experience that turns the rules of what a cocktail can be on its head. The Gin High Tea is an invitation to see the world of gin with new eyes. We want to awaken your enthusiasm, amaze you and encourage you to write your own gin stories. So sit back and let yourself drift. Immerse yourself in this unique atmosphere and forget about the outside world for a moment. Because here we are all part of something special - a movement that shows that gin is more than just a drink - it's a way of life, a way of living. Welcome to our world, a world full of taste, style and passion. Let's toast together to the endless possibilities that gin has to offer. The Gin High Tea welcomes you - join us and become part of this extraordinary community!

Experience the fascinating world of gin with all your senses. Immerse yourself in a breathtaking salon full of flowers, pastel colors and glittering porcelain. Every detail counts. 

The Gin High Tea is more than just a tea - an ode to the art of gin making and a celebration of taste. World-class gin meets perfectly balanced delicacies.

Our vision: to bring people with a passion for gin together, tell stories and inspire them to embark on their own gin journey. An experience that touches and inspires.

Welcome to our world of taste and style. Join us for a toast to the infinite possibilities of gin. The Gin High Tea welcomes you!


Get to know the people behind the bottles. Listen to their fascinating stories full of passion, challenges and triumphs.

Gin Cocktails Book

A special kind of cocktail book. Be inspired by unconventional recipes, surprising ingredients and personal anecdotes.


We honor the most extraordinary gins that inspire us with their creativity, quality and unique stories. A tribute to the innovative spirit of gin makers.