UNKNOWN Lands | VODKA - Kodiak - Green pepper
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The special preparation of the green pepper gives our vodka a slightly spicy note and an intensely fresh flavor.  Aroma. To prepare green pepper, it is first marinated in a marinade. Pepper must then be roasted quickly at a very high temperature. The rapid segregation unfolds the miraculous properties of the pepper. After cooling, the pepper is placed in vodka for 5 days. This is the optimal time to develop a balanced flavor. The pepper is digestible and also stimulates the detoxification function of the liver. The essential oils it contains have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect.

Our vodka is made with passion and precision in Berlin Spandau, a place known for its bold innovation and unparalleled quality.

Alcohol content 40%
Contents UL-00012 ML

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When the bottle is first opened, a complex bouquet unfolds, capturing both the piquant spiciness of the green pepper and the subtle sweetness of the wheat. The green pepper brings a lively, almost citrusy note, which is balanced by the warmth of the alcohol and the purity of the multi-filtered water.


On the tongue, UNKNOWN Lands | Vodka - Kodiak unfolds a harmonious balance between spice and sweetness. The green pepper provides a pleasant spiciness, which is softened by the gentle sweetness of the wheat and the purity of the ionized water. There is a slight minerality that comes from the silver ions and a subtle complexity that comes from the multiple distillation and filtration. The taste is full-bodied and round, with a pleasant warmth that lingers.


The finish is long and satisfying, with a lingering warmth and a subtle spiciness reminiscent of green pepper. There is a slight sweetness reminiscent of the wheat and a purity that comes from the multiple cold filtration. The final impression is one of harmony and balance, a reflection of the careful craftsmanship that goes into every bottle of UNKNOWN Lands | Vodka - Kodiak.

UNKNOWN Lands | Vodka - Kodiak is a tribute to the rugged, untouched wilderness of Kodiak Island and its most powerful inhabitant - the Kodiak bear. Each bottle of this vodka tells a story of strength and survival, of the adaptability and unwavering will required in the harsh Alaskan landscape. With every sip, you can feel the raw power of the Kodiak captured in this unique place.

The Kodiak bear, the symbol of this edition, is the king of these lands, a mighty creature that embodies the rugged beauty and unrelenting strength of the Kodiak. These bears are not only the largest brown bears in the world, they are also a symbol of survival in an often hostile environment. They are adaptors who have learned to overcome the challenges of their home and survive where others would fail.

The bear plays a central role in the culture of the Alutiiq, the indigenous people of Kodiak Island. They regard it as a powerful creature that is both feared and revered. The bear is a symbol of strength and ferocity, but also of wisdom and patience. The bear plays an important role in many of their legends and myths. One such story tells of a young warrior who embarks on a dangerous journey to defeat a mighty bear threatening his village. After many days and nights in the wilderness, he finally encounters the bear. But instead of fighting, the warrior recognizes the bear's wisdom and strength and asks him for help. The bear, impressed by the warrior's humility and courage, grants him his help and together they are able to save the village. This story symbolizes the deep connection between the Alutiiq and nature and underlines the importance of respect and cooperation.

The adventurers and gold prospectors who came to Kodiak in the 19th century also had their own experiences with the bears. Many of them were impressed by the size and strength of these animals and saw them as a symbol of the wild and untouched nature of Kodiak. They told stories of encounters with bears that were both terrifying and fascinating. For them, the bear was a constant companion, a reminder of the wildness and unpredictability of nature.

Just like the Kodiak bear, our vodka - Kodiak is a masterpiece of adaptability. We have captured the raw beauty and raw power of the Kodiak in a drink that is as unique as its namesake. The special preparation of the green pepper gives our vodka a slightly spicy note and an intensely fresh aroma. Every sip is a tribute to the wilderness of Kodiak, an invitation to experience the raw beauty and unrelenting strength of this unique place.


The production of UNKNOWN Lands | Vodka - Kodiak is a process that combines both science and art. The green pepper that gives our vodka its unique flavor plays a central role. This pepper is first soaked in a special marinade to intensify its spicy and fresh aromas. The pepper is then quickly roasted at very high temperatures. This rapid process brings out the wonderful properties of the pepper and gives it its characteristic color and texture. After cooling, the pepper is placed in vodka for five days. This time is ideal for developing a balanced and harmonious taste. Green pepper is not only known for its taste, but also for its health benefits. It is easy to digest and stimulates the liver's detoxification function. In addition, the essential oils of pepper contain antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that contribute to overall health.

In addition to the green pepper, we start the production process with two other main ingredients - natural Bad Liebenwerda spring water and alcohol obtained from wheat. After a multiple ten-stage filtering process with active charcoal, the special part of our process begins - the ionization of the water.

In a unique step that sets our vodka apart from others, we run the water over old 999 silver coins. This process of ionization gives the water a special quality. The silver ions that are released into the water act as natural purifiers that kill bacteria and other microorganisms. This not only provides additional purity, but also influences the taste and texture of the vodka.

The pure alcohol is produced from wheat using triple distillation. Diluted with ionized water, it passes through ten filter columns filled with particularly fine-pored silver birch activated charcoal. This complex filtration process takes eight hours.

The perfect purity of the vodka is achieved through triple cold filtering. To do this, the vodka is cooled down to -12°C and filtered with activated charcoal in this state. Filtration works much better at low temperatures because the substances to be filtered out are less soluble. The result of this slow and intensive filtering process is a vodka with a mild and pure aroma, enhanced by the special touch of silver ions and the unique note of green pepper.

With this process, we create a vodka that not only tastes great, but also tells a story - a story of care, precision and respect for the natural ingredients we use. The UNKNOWN Lands | Vodka - Kodiak is more than just a drink, it is an experience that stimulates the senses and invigorates the spirit.


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Wheat is not only an important staple food, but also a key ingredient in the world of spirits. Its full grain provides the high-quality alcohol that forms the basis of many drinks, including vodka and many types of gin. 

Wheat-based alcohol is known for its smooth and mellow taste. It creates a neutral spirit that forms the perfect base to carry the subtle nuances and complex flavors of other botanicals. Wheat-based vodkas and gins are often characterized by their smooth texture and subtle sweetness.

The use of wheat to produce alcohol has a long history. It is believed that the first distilled spirits in Europe were made from wheat in the Middle Ages. Since then, wheat has remained a popular grain for distillation, especially in Eastern Europe, where wheat vodka has a long tradition.

A trivial detail on the subject of wheat and alcohol: the famous French vodkas are often distilled from wheat and are characterized by their particularly pure and smooth taste. The reason for this lies in the quality of the French wheat and the expertise of the distillers, who bring out the best qualities of the grain.

In the world of spirits, wheat is therefore an essential ingredient, prized for its quality and versatility. It is the invisible canvas on which the flavors of the other botanicals are brought to life, ensuring that every bottle of vodka or gin offers a unique taste experience.

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Green pepper

The use of green pepper in vodka offers an unexpected but pleasant twist. This exotic spice brings a gentle, sophisticated spiciness to the vodka, balanced by fruity undertones and a refreshing, spicy aroma. 

Green pepper, harvested in its unripe state and used either fresh or pickled, creates a vibrant depth of flavor that blends seamlessly with the crystal-clear purity of the vodka.

Trivia: Green pepper originates from the tropical regions of India and is actually the fresh variety of the same plant that produces black and white pepper. Due to its connection to historical trade routes and its use in traditional medicine, pepper is considered the "king of spices".

The addition of green pepper gives vodka an exciting, modern touch and takes the enjoyment of this classic spirit to a new level.

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999 silver coins

Silver is known for its antibacterial properties and its ability to purify water. In fact, many cultures over the centuries have used silver to keep their water safe and drinkable. In the production of premium vodka, 999 silver, also known as fine silver, plays an important role in the ionization process. 

During ionization, silver coins are added to the vodka. The contact of the silver with the liquid releases tiny silver ions that purify the water and improve the taste of the vodka. This process makes for a softer, purer vodka with a subtle mineral note that blends well with the other flavors.

Silver has played an important role in human societies for thousands of years. From the ancient Egyptians to the Roman Empire to modern medicine, silver is valued for its antibacterial and cleansing properties.

A trivial detail about silver is that it was often used as currency in ancient times, with silver coins representing a certain value. The term "silver" is used as a synonym for money in many languages.

The use of 999 silver coins in vodka production is a testament to creativity and innovation in the spirits industry. The addition of this precious metal not only produces a high quality, smooth vodka, but also creates a link to history and tradition that emphasizes the finesse and quality of the final product.

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Spring water

Water is the elixir of life on our planet and plays a crucial role in the production of spirits. In the case of Bad Liebenwerda spring water, we are dealing with a very special water. 

Bad Liebenwerda, a town in southern Brandenburg, is known for its healing springs and high-quality mineral water. The spring water from Bad Liebenwerda is characterized by its purity and balanced mineral content, which gives the water a fresh, clean taste.

Water is a key component in the production of spirits such as vodka or gin. It is used both during the distillation process and afterwards to dilute the alcohol to the desired strength. High-quality water like that from Bad Liebenwerda can make the difference between a good spirit and a great one.

Trivia: Bad Liebenwerda was first mentioned in the 13th century and has been known as a spa town since the 18th century. The healing properties of its water were recognized early on and it was even bottled and sold long before the bottling of mineral water became common in Germany.

The use of Bad Liebenwerda spring water in the production of spirits is a sign of quality and respect for nature. It provides a clean, neutral base that allows the aromas of the other botanicals to come to the fore and reveal the true taste of the spirit.

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