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The UNKNOWN Lands | RUM - Tortuga is a smooth Jamaica rum with notes of vanilla, dark caramel, raisins and fine wood. The finest Jamaica rum is distilled in the Caribbean and transported to Germany. The blend consists of four rum distillates with complementary notes and different alcohol strengths: three are in the 70% vol. range, one has 96% vol. The maturation is based on the solera system - rum removed from the 500-liter barrel is immediately replaced with new rum. 

Alcohol content 40%
Contents UL-00015 ML

Hidden in the dark depths of Robert Louis Stevenson's song lyrics is the mysterious "dead man's chest", which presumably refers to Dead Chest Island. This small, eerie island lies secluded in Deadman's Bay in the Caribbean, a place steeped in pirate stories and legends. It was here that the infamous pirate Blackbeard, a name that sends shivers down the spine of even the bravest, abandoned his rebellious crew to die. Each man was sent to the island with nothing more than a cutlass and a bottle of rum, at the mercy of a merciless fate. 

Months passed, and when Blackbeard finally returned, he expected nothing but the silence of the dead. But to his surprise and amazement, all the pirates had survived. Despite the adverse circumstances and bleak prospects, they had managed to hold their own against the elements. It was a triumph of human will and pirate toughness, proof that even in the darkest hour, a light of hope can shine. And so their victory cry echoes through the centuries: "Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum!"

"Fifteen men on a dead man's chest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum
Drink and the devil had done for the rest
Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum."
- Robert Louis Stevenson, Treasure Island 1883

Tortuga, a name that carries the echo of cannon thunder and the whisper of adventures on the high seas, is more than just a name for our rum. It is a tribute to the raw beauty of the sea, to the indomitable ferocity of pirates and to the infinite freedom that only the open sea can offer. Tortuga, once a legendary pirate port, is a place anchored in history and tells stories of courage, cunning and immeasurable treasures. 

This spirit of freedom and adventure is captured in every bottle of our UNKNOWN Lands | RUM - Tortuga. Every sip is an invitation to embark on a journey, a journey that takes you from the golden beaches of the Caribbean to the mysterious depths of the ocean. It is a journey that tells of the past but also dreams of the future, a journey that reminds us that, like the pirates of old, we are always in search of new horizons and undiscovered lands.

Our heraldic animal, the bear, stands for strength and courage, while the sea turtle, which represents our UNKNOWN Lands | RUM - Tortuga, symbolizes wisdom and longevity. These fascinating creatures have been an integral part of marine ecosystems for over 100 million years. They travel long distances through the oceans and play a crucial role in the balance of marine habitats. Seven different species of sea turtles inhabit our oceans, from the shallow seagrass beds of the Indian Ocean to the colorful reefs of the Coral Triangle and the sandy beaches of the eastern Pacific. 

But these majestic creatures are under threat. Due to human activities such as overfishing, illegal trade and climate change, almost all species of sea turtles are now classified as endangered. That's why we are committed to sustainable production and avoiding unnecessary plastic. We believe that through our efforts to protect the oceans and their inhabitants, we can make a small contribution to the preservation of these wonderful creatures.


The UNKNOWN Lands | RUM - Tortuga is an expression of craftsmanship and passion, a smooth Jamaica rum that seduces the senses with its rich palette of flavors. Each sip reveals notes of sweet vanilla that blend harmoniously with the deep, rich taste of dark caramel. There are also nuances of raisins, which add a fruity sweetness, and fine wood, which adds a touch of sophistication and complexity.

This exquisite rum begins its journey in the Caribbean, where it is distilled from the finest molasses. The blend consists of four carefully selected rum distillates with complementary notes and different alcohol strengths: three are in the 70% vol. range, while one at 96% vol. increases the intensity of the blend. 

The maturation of our rum is based on the solera system, a traditional process known for its ability to ensure consistent quality and depth of flavor. Rum removed from the 500-liter barrel is immediately replaced with new rum, allowing the flavors to blend and develop over time.

After its arrival in Germany, our rum is produced in Hamburg according to a historic recipe. It is stored in an open warehouse, where it absorbs the fresh, salty sea air of the city. The UNKNOWN Lands | RUM - Tortuga gets its special flavor from being stored in 60-year-old oak barrels. These barrels not only give the rum a deep, golden color, but also unique aromas of roasted wood and spices that penetrate the distillate over the years.

With every sip of our rum, we celebrate not only the rich history and heritage of pirates, but also the beauty and diversity of the sea and its inhabitants. The UNKNOWN Lands | RUM - Tortuga is more than just a drink, it is our declaration of love to the sea and its incomparable beauty.


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Sugar cane / molasses

The heart of every rum is sugar cane or its derivative, molasses. Sugar cane, originally from South Asia, is now mainly grown in tropical regions and gives rum its basic sweet character. Molasses, a by-product of sugar production, is thick and dark in color, and its rich, sweet and slightly bitter profile forms the basis for many rums. It is interesting to note that during colonial times, sugar cane was referred to as "white gold" and shaped the economy of many Caribbean islands.
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Spring water

The quality of the water is of crucial importance for the production of rum and other spirits. Spring water, often prized for its purity and minerality, can help to soften or add complexity to a rum. In many regions, spring water is considered sacred and in some cultures it is believed to have healing properties.
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60 year old barrel

An old barrel plays a crucial role in the maturation and flavor profile of the rum. Over time, the rum picks up flavors from the wood of the barrel, such as vanilla, caramel and spices, which contribute to the complexity and depth of the drink. A 60-year-old barrel has a rich history and may have housed several different rums or even other spirits in its lifetime.


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