UNKNOWN Lands | Gin - Triple Cask No. 1
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UNKNOWN Lands | GIN - Triple Cask - No. 1, a unique taste experience, matured in three exquisite casks. The first cask that previously housed sherry, the second with a bourbon past, and the third, a specially toasted white oak cask that contributes subtle notes of caramel, vanilla, candied fruit and a hint of smoke. The composition of these casks creates a complex symphony of flavors and makes Triple Cask No. 1 an incomparable adventure for the palate. Limited edition, unlimited enjoyment.

Alcohol content 42,5%
Contents UL-00005 ML

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A scent of vanilla and caramel, accompanied by fruity notes of candied fruit and a light, earthy depth from the star moss. A subtle smoky note adds a mysterious complexity, while the floral note of lavender gently blends with the woody scent of the toasted white oak barrel.


On the palate, the delicate, fruity sweetness of wild raspberries unfolds first, followed by the exotic notes of caramel, vanilla and candied fruit from the special white oak barrel. A hint of smoke interweaves with the complexity of earthy and spicy tones brought out by the star moss and toasted cask, perfectly complementing the sweetness.


Long-lasting and elegant, with a balance of sweet and earthy flavors that linger in the mouth. The aftertaste of exotic spices, gentle wood notes and a subtle smoky note round off the taste experience.

Triple Cask No. 1

A limited masterpiece

Embark on a journey of exclusivity and discovery with UNKNOWN Lands | GIN - Triple Cask - No. 1. As a continuation of our well-known Double Casks, which are based on our Classic Gin, this limited edition takes the taste experience to a whole new level. 

With only 25 bottles per edition, the Triple Cask offers unparalleled uniqueness. In a bottle that combines luxury and simplicity, and with a handmade leather label, this is not only a treat for the palate, but also a real collector's item.

A third barrel

A new horizon
Each edition of UNKNOWN Lands | GIN - Triple Cask is given a different third cask, which gives it a slightly different taste. For No. 1, we used a toasted white oak cask using multiple roasting technologies. This unique use of a specific cask for each edition contributes to the complexity and uniqueness of the taste.

The evolution

of the Triple Cask
The Triple Cask series is a constantly evolving collection, with each edition opening a new chapter. Each of these editions is limited to just 25 and features a different third cask, giving it a unique character. Starting with Edition No. 1 (set and released in 2020), followed by No. 2 (set in 2021, released in 2022), through to upcoming editions such as No. 3 (set in 2022, still maturing) and No. 4 (set in 2023, still maturing), the selection of the third cask remains an exciting mystery.


Double Cask

Triple Cask No. 1

Triple Cask No. 2

The production

Our journey to create the Triple Cask begins with our Classic Gin, which is produced using the renowned London Dry method. But what makes our gin special are the secret stars of its production - star moss, wild raspberries and lavender. Star moss, a rare and delicate ingredient, gives our gin a subtle, earthy undertone and a mysterious depth. Wild raspberries are added to the aroma basket of the still and give our gin a delicate, fruity sweetness. Lavender complements the floral notes of our gin, offering a delightful, calming aroma that adds an inviting complexity. 

After distillation, the gin matures in white oak barrels that were previously filled with sherry and bourbon. At this point, the unique feature of the Triple Cask comes to the fore: the third cask. Each edition of the Triple Cask is given its own individual character by a special third cask. For the No. 1 Edition, a white oak cask toasted for us using several roasting technologies was used, which gives the gin an additional flavor profile of caramel, vanilla and candied fruit.

During the careful maturation in these barrels, the gin absorbs the intense aromas from the wood and blends with the spicy and sweet nuances that previously gave the bourbon and sherry as well as the unique aromas of the third barrel their character. 

The result is a complex, balanced and unique gin that is a new discovery in every edition. The Triple Cask is more than just a new version of our gin - it is an ode to the art of distillation and a discovery of the unlimited possibilities made possible by barrel aging in such historic and aromatically saturated casks.

Barrel aging is a traditional technique often associated with whisky and rum, but it has also found a special place in the world of gin. The process of barrel aging is more than just storage; it is a careful refinement where the gin has time to absorb the deep, complex flavors of the wooden barrel. For our Triple Cask, we use barrels that have already been filled with selected sherry and bourbon varieties, as well as a special third barrel that is individually selected for each edition. The time in the barrel allows the clear, fresh aromas of the gin to merge with the rich, spicy and sweet notes of the wood. The subtle aromas of caramel, vanilla and, depending on the barrel selected, unique nuances such as candied fruit, are integrated into the spirit. This creates a flavor profile that is both familiar and excitingly new, with a depth and complexity that can only be achieved through careful aging in such high-quality casks. The Triple Cask is a living example of how barrel aging can enrich the world of gin by unlocking a new dimension of flavor and character


UNKNOWN Lands | Gin - Triple Cask No. 1 | 45

Bourbon Barrel

Barrel aging in bourbon barrels is a traditional technique that gives spirits a special depth. Made from American white oak, these barrels, in which bourbon has previously matured, transfer unique aromas of caramel, vanilla and smoke to the alcohol stored in them. The choice of a bourbon barrel adds a rich flavor note to the final product and gives it a touch of American heritage. 

Bourbon barrels often find a second life in the storage of other spirits, wines or beers. This process contributes to sustainability and allows other beverages to pick up the complex flavors of bourbon. Barrel aging in a bourbon barrel is not just a maturation method, but an alchemical process that creates a new, refined drink that culminates in a glass.

UNKNOWN Lands | Gin - Triple Cask No. 1 | 46

Sherry Barrel

The use of sherry casks for barrel aging is a respected tradition that gives spirits a unique and distinctive quality. Sherry, a famous Spanish fortified wine, leaves a trail of rich and complex aromas in its barrels, ranging from nuts to dried fruits and sweet spices. 

These barrels, often made from European oak, have often allowed the sherry to mature for years and are carriers of its deep and robust aromas. When they are later used for the barrel aging of spirits, they pass on these aromas and create a drink that is as layered and subtle as the sherry itself.

UNKNOWN Lands | Gin - Triple Cask No. 1 | 47

3rd Barrel

The third cask for the Triple Cask No. 1 is no ordinary cask. It is a carefully toasted white oak cask, which makes an important contribution to the uniqueness of this special edition. 

This barrel was toasted for us using multiple toasting technologies, giving the gin an additional flavor profile of caramel, vanilla and candied fruit. The skill with which the cask has been treated is evident in the complex depth and layered nuances it adds to the gin.

The white oak used for this barrel has a particular structure and composition that influences the flavor in a way that would not be achievable with other types of wood. The toasting process, in which the inside of the barrel is roasted with precise control over heat and time, opens the pores of the wood and allows certain flavors to be enhanced while others are mellowed.

UNKNOWN Lands | Gin - Triple Cask No. 1 | 48


Juniper is the basic botanical that gives gin its distinctive, resinous and slightly sweet taste. Juniper berries are actually female cones and take two to three years to fully ripen on a juniper bush. They have a long history in the healing arts and were already used in ancient Egypt as an ingredient in balms and ointments. A trivia fact: In the Middle Ages, juniper was believed to protect against witches and the berries were often hung over doorways to ward off evil spirits.

UNKNOWN Lands | Gin - Triple Cask No. 1 | 49


With its characteristically sweet, floral aroma and calming properties, lavender lends gin a special, elegant depth. Lavender was used in ancient Rome to clean clothes and to aromatize baths, leading to its Latin name, which is derived from "lavare", the word for "to wash". A lesser known fact is that lavender was also used in the Middle Ages to repel insects and mice.
UNKNOWN Lands | Gin - Triple Cask No. 1 | 50

Wild raspberries

Compared to their cultivated relatives, wild raspberries have a more intense, richer aroma and a stronger sweetness, which gives the gin a summery freshness. They have been collected and consumed since the Stone Age. In Christian symbolism, wild raspberries were seen as a sign of kindness.

An interesting fact: wild raspberries often grow in areas that have been devastated by forest fires.

UNKNOWN Lands | Gin - Triple Cask No. 1 | 51

Star moss

Also known as Icelandic moss, star moss is a unique botanical that gives gin an earthy and slightly sweet note. This moss, which grows on rocky substrates in the northern hemisphere, is actually a lichen, a symbiotic association between a fungus and an algae. Star moss was traditionally used in Scandinavian folk medicine as a cough remedy and is also known from Icelandic legends and myths. As a botanical, it gives gin a subtle complexity and a hint of forest aroma.
UNKNOWN Lands | Gin - Triple Cask No. 1 | 52


These small, bright red berries are known for their distinctive tart-sweet flavor and antioxidant properties. Cranberries are native to North America and were used by Native Americans as both a food and a remedy for a variety of ailments. In fact, the word "cranberry" means "bitter berry" in several indigenous languages.
UNKNOWN Lands | Gin - Triple Cask No. 1 | 53


Hibiscus flowers give gin a slight acidity and an attractive pink color. They were used in Egyptian pharaonic rituals and are now a key ingredient in drinks around the world, from Mexican 'Agua de Jamaica' to West African 'Bissap'. Interestingly, hibiscus can also promote health as it is rich in vitamin C and antioxidants and is often used to regulate blood pressure.
UNKNOWN Lands | Gin - Triple Cask No. 1 | 54

Rose petals

Rose petals give gin a delicate, floral taste and a seductive aroma. They were revered in ancient Greece and Rome and have been a symbol of love and beauty ever since. Interestingly, rose petals contain vitamin C and are often used in the cosmetics industry for their skincare properties.
UNKNOWN Lands | Gin - Triple Cask No. 1 | 55

Pink pepper

Pink pepper, also known as Brazilian pepper, gives gin a fruity, peppery note. Despite their name, pink berries are not real peppercorns, but the dried berries of the Schinus molle, a South American plant. They give gin a balance between sweetness and spiciness, with a hint of resin. Surprisingly, the Incas used "molles", as Schinus molle is known, for ritual purposes and in the 19th century its berries arrived in Europe as an inexpensive substitute for real pepper.
UNKNOWN Lands | Gin - Triple Cask No. 1 | 56

Kaffir lime leaves

Kaffir lime leaves give gin a distinct citrusy, floral note. They are an essential part of Thai and Indonesian cuisine and give a gin a unique, exotic flavor. A lesser known fact is that the kaffir lime is considered a sacred plant in Southeast Asia and that the leaves and the fruit itself are used in various medicinal applications.
UNKNOWN Lands | Gin - Triple Cask No. 1 | 57

Angelica root

Angelica root is a classic gin botanical that imparts an earthy, slightly bitter flavor and a deep, complex note. It is often referred to as the "Holy Spirit" of botanicals because it helps to harmonize the flavors of other botanicals. In the Middle Ages, angelica root was often used in medicine due to its supposed healing properties.
UNKNOWN Lands | Gin - Triple Cask No. 1 | 58


As the second most common botanical in gin, coriander imparts a citrusy, nutty flavor. It has been used in culinary and medicinal applications for thousands of years. Coriander was one of the first spices to be exported from the American colonies to Europe. Interestingly, coriander originated in the Mediterranean and the Middle East and has even been found in the burial objects of Egyptian pharaohs.
UNKNOWN Lands | Gin - Triple Cask No. 1 | 59


Basil gives the gin a slightly sweet, peppery note and a fresh aroma. Basil is a central component of Italian cuisine and was even revered as a sacred plant in India. In fact, there are over 60 different varieties of basil, all of which differ in taste, smell and appearance.
UNKNOWN Lands | Gin - Triple Cask No. 1 | 60


Cinnamon gives gin a warm, sweet and slightly spicy note. Cinnamon is one of the oldest known spices and has played a central role in trade and culture, from Egyptian embalming to medieval European gastronomy. An interesting fact is that cinnamon is extracted from the bark of trees and that there are different types of cinnamon, with Ceylon cinnamon being the highest quality.


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