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UNKNOWN Lands | Frontier London Dry Gin is our interpretation of the classic London Dry Gin. With its incomparable blend of juniper, pine needles, thistles and nettles, it offers a taste experience full of wildness and strength. Complemented by coriander, rosemary, lemon peel and apple, it creates a perfect balance. Every sip of our gin, which has its roots in the wilderness border town of Forsthaus Tornow, reveals the multi-layered aromas of this fascinating region and awakens the spirit of adventure within you.

Alcohol content 43,5%
Contents UL-00017 ML


A clear and unmistakable aroma of juniper rises, accompanied by refreshing pine needles and a citrusy freshness of lemon peel. The alcohol is barely perceptible.


Delicate, sweet notes of apple initially unfold on the tongue. The juniper remains present and is accompanied by the earthy bitterness of thistles and the green, slightly peppery nuances of nettles. The strong, woody aroma of rosemary, the citrusy note of coriander and the refreshing pine needles round off the taste experience.

Frontier is the pursuit of the unknown, the discovery of new frontiers and the expansion of our horizons. It is about more than just exploring our physical limits, but also about going beyond our own boundaries and comfort zones. If we return to the roots of minimalism, we also come back into balance with nature and learn to respect the natural limits of nature to protect our natural resources. We believe that this is the way to a healthier and more balanced life in harmony with nature. 

The Tornow forester's lodge and the surrounding area: Forsthaus Tornow is a place full of history and culture. A Slavic family once settled here in the middle of the forest in a clearing between the Tornowsee and Teufelssee lakes and gave the place the name "Tornow" (thistle). If you walk through the former glacial hollow of the now forested terminal moraine from the lake up to the forester's lodge in the evening, you can almost taste the flavors of the gin in this special area. There is a sense of adventure and discovery in the air and you can almost feel the pioneering spirit of the frontier.

The Botanicals: Frontier Gin is an exceptional combination of indigenous and exotic botanicals that reflect the best of this region. The juniper and pine needles of the forest are late successors to the first vegetation that grew from the melting glacier, while the thorny thistles and nettles of the forest clearing tell the harsh migration history of the Slavs. The coriander and rosemary bear witness to the later settlers from the south and lend the gin a touch of warmth and sunshine. This is rounded off by the refreshing note of lemon peel and the balancing taste of apples, which today ripen every year in the Forsthaus-Tornow clearing in the middle of the forest.

A sip of Frontier Gin will take you on a journey through the aromas and flavors of this frontier land with nature and inspire you to take on new adventures on the frontier yourself. Enjoy it with friends around the campfire in the evening and let yourself be carried away by the excitement of the unknown and the discovery of new frontiers. Welcome to the world of Frontier Gin - where adventure and discovery meet the sense of taste.

Theodor Fontane

The poet of Ruppin Switzerland

In the rolling hills and dense forests of Ruppin Switzerland once walked a man who had the gift of capturing the soul of the landscape in words: Theodor Fontane. He roamed the region with a light step and an alert eye, always on the lookout for stories worth telling. Every tree, every lake, every meadow seemed to want to whisper a secret to him, and Fontane, with his incomparable powers of observation, listened. 

For Fontane, Ruppin Switzerland was not just a landscape, but a living being that breathed, felt and dreamed. He saw in it the traces of history, the echoes of times past and the promise of the future. "Ruppin Switzerland reveals the same charm to you at every turn", he wrote, and with these words he immortalized his deep love and admiration for this region around the Tornow forester's lodge.

It was here, on the shores of Lake Tornow, that Fontane sat, let his gaze wander over the glistening water and let the silence inspire him. He felt connected to nature, to the birds that circled above him, to the fish that danced beneath the surface of the water and to the trees that told him stories with their rustling leaves.

In his work, Fontane captures the magic of Ruppin Switzerland and shares it with the world. He shows us that it is not only the big adventures that count, but also the small moments of peace and reflection. He teaches us to see the beauty in the simple things and to appreciate the wonders that surround us every day.

Walking through Ruppin Switzerland today, you can almost hear the echo of Fontane's words gently wafting through the woods. It is as if he is still inviting us to see the world through his eyes, to be enchanted by its beauty and to experience and write our own stories.

Tornow forester's lodge

A contemporary witness between legend and history

Deep in the heart of Ruppiner Schweiz, between the shimmering Tornow and mysterious Teufelssee lakes, the Tornow forester's lodge stands in a forest clearing - a spot on the border between nature and culture, civilization and wilderness. This historic farm, which has stood the test of time for centuries, is not just a house, but a living legacy that tells of the people, cultures and events that have shaped it over many generations. 

This clearing has seen many faces, from the Slavs who once settled this region from the east in the course of the great migration and gave it the name "Tornow" (thistle), to the more recent settlers in the Middle Ages coming from the south and west, to today's guests who want to get away from everyday urban life and be inspired by the still pristine nature. When the evening sun bathes the forester's lodge in a golden light and the shadows of the trees cast over the old forest paths, with a little imagination you can hear the voices of the past in the soundscape of nature - a gentle whisper of stories, adventures and secrets.

It is not difficult to imagine what life was like here centuries ago - because many things have not changed: the open clearing, which has been wrested from the surrounding forest by many generations for well over 1500 years; the old fireplaces in which the fire burns and provides warmth, and the original mixed forest that graciously watches over its inhabitants. Every corner of the Forsthaus clearing tells its own story, and you can spend hours discovering and being enchanted by them.

As early as the end of the 19th century, the restaurant and hunting lodge of the forester's lodge was a popular destination for Berliners seeking a summer retreat, a place to get together and enjoy themselves. But time left its mark and the forester's lodge stood empty for over two decades until the founders of DWR eco, a consulting agency specializing in sustainability, discovered it and brought it back to life. With attention to detail and respect for history, they carefully restored the forester's lodge and breathed new life into it - with its own sustainable drinking water and energy supply.

The Tornow forester's lodge is now a meeting place for inspiration, reflection and renewal. Here, in the midst of unspoiled nature, you can escape from everyday life, retreat and recharge your batteries. It is a place that awakens the senses, stimulates the imagination and touches the heart.

When you walk up to the forester's lodge in the evening through the former glacial hollow of the now forested terminal moraine, you can feel a special magic in the air. It is as if the forester's lodge and the surrounding forest merge together and become a place where the boundaries between past and future become blurred and you really end up in harmony with nature in the here and now.

Pure nature in every bottle:

Apples, pine needles and the wildness of the thistle

The orchard at Forsthaus Tornow produces apples of exceptional quality and taste due to its location in the forest. These apples are the heart of our gin and give it a fruity, slightly sweet note reminiscent of a walk through the autumn forest. 

But the apple is just the beginning. The large mixed forests around Lake Tornow are a refuge of tranquillity and home to individual groups of pine trees. These majestic trees, breaking the sky with their slender silhouettes, are witnesses of time and carry the heritage of the region within them. Their needles, which remain green all year round, are a symbol of permanence and the unchanging beauty of nature. This scent, deep and grounding, has been captured in our gin. The careful distillation of the pine needles creates a fresh, resinous note reminiscent of a walk through a cool, misty forest. It gives the gin a depth and complexity that sets it apart from others and gives it a distinctive aroma.

The name Tornow, Slavic for "thistle", is not just a name, but also a promise. The thistle, proud and unmistakable in its appearance, is a symbol of the wildness and untouched nature of this region. It gives our gin a slightly tart note that harmonizes perfectly with the other botanicals. 

Nettles, which grow in the clearings and at the edge of the forests, round off the taste. They bring a subtle, earthy depth to the gin and are reminiscent of the diversity and complexity of nature.

But what would a gin be without water? Not just any water, but some genuine Tornowsee water, which keeps alive in every bottle the memory of the mighty glaciers of the last ice age that once formed this landscape. It gives our gin not only finesse and clarity, but also a depth that recalls the ancient stories and legends of Ruppin Switzerland.

Every bottle of our gin is a tribute to Ruppin Switzerland, its history, its landscape and its unmistakable beauty. It is a drink that carries the wild, untouched nature of this region within it and tells its story with every sip.


UNKNOWN LANDS | Frontier - London Dry Gin | 20


Juniper is the basic botanical that gives gin its distinctive, resinous and slightly sweet taste. Juniper berries are actually female cones and take two to three years to fully ripen on a juniper bush. They have a long history in the healing arts and were already used in ancient Egypt as an ingredient in balms and ointments. A trivia fact: In the Middle Ages, juniper was believed to protect against witches and the berries were often hung over doorways to ward off evil spirits.

UNKNOWN LANDS | Frontier - London Dry Gin | 21


Apples give the gin a sweet, fruity note and provide a special balance. Apples have a rich cultural and mythological history and have been revered as a sacred fruit since ancient times. In fact, the apple tree is regarded as the tree of life in Norse mythology.
UNKNOWN LANDS | Frontier - London Dry Gin | 22

Pine needles

Pine needles bring a refreshing, slightly resinous note to the gin, reminiscent of a walk through a pine forest. Pine trees were revered by the ancient Greeks and their needles were traditionally used as being rich in vitamin C and as an antioxidant.
UNKNOWN LANDS | Frontier - London Dry Gin | 23


Thistles lend the gin a subtle, earthy bitterness. They are more than just prickly plants: In ancient times, the thistle was seen as a symbol of nobility and endurance and in Scottish heraldry it is a national symbol.
UNKNOWN LANDS | Frontier - London Dry Gin | 24


Nettles give the gin a green, slightly peppery note. Although often considered a weed, nettles have a long history as a medicinal plant and are rich in vitamins and minerals.
UNKNOWN LANDS | Frontier - London Dry Gin | 25


Rosemary gives the gin a strong, woody aroma with a slight peppery note. Rosemary has a rich history and has been used in both cooking and medicine since ancient times. In ancient Rome, rosemary was considered a sacred plant.
UNKNOWN LANDS | Frontier - London Dry Gin | 26

Lemon peel

Lemon peel brings a refreshing, citrusy note to the gin, which provides a pleasant balance. Lemons originally come from Asia and were brought to Europe in the Middle Ages. They were used in seafaring to prevent scurvy.
UNKNOWN LANDS | Frontier - London Dry Gin | 27


As the second most common botanical in gin, coriander imparts a citrusy, nutty flavor. It has been used in culinary and medicinal applications for thousands of years. Coriander was one of the first spices to be exported from the American colonies to Europe. Interestingly, coriander originated in the Mediterranean and the Middle East and has even been found in the burial objects of Egyptian pharaohs.


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