Devil's Peak Gin
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A coffee gin with a fresh hint of Cape Gooseberry. The coffee beans are grown especially for our gin by the Coffee Sergeant Freshly roasted. These beans are macerated with fine wheat alcohol over several weeks to create an intense yet subtle coffee flavor. The remaining botanicals such as cape gooseberries, blueberries, raspberries and others are then added to release the aromas over several days. The macerate is then distilled three times in a copper still and stored for several weeks before being bottled by hand.

Alcohol content 43,5%
Contents UL-00008 ML


A sweetish aroma of berries and physalis awaits you on the nose, paired with a light, not overloaded juniper note. The coffee gradually and skillfully pushes itself forward without appearing artificial, but elegant and slightly nutty.


A mild, balanced and round London Dry Gin, in which the juniper is more present than in the nose. The fruitiness of the berries and physalis is permanently perceptible. The finish is characterized by a slight coriander spiciness and pleasantly earthy coffee nuances.

In the bustling port city of Cape Town, at a time when pirates and explorers ruled the seven seas, lived a Dutch pirate named Jan Van Hunks. Notorious for his endless fondness for tobacco and adventure, Van Hunks was a man who exuded rebellion and a rugged charm that shone through his wild facade. 

Despite his boisterous habits and lawless stories, Jan had a gentle side that he only showed to his beloved wife. But her patience was often tested by his rampant passion for pipe smoking. Whenever Jan lit his pipe in the comfort of their shared home, the thick, sweetly bitter smoke filled the room, much to the displeasure of his better half.

To satisfy his wife's insistent requests, Jan looked for a new location for his beloved pipe-smoking sessions. He turned to the majestic Table Mountain, which towered proudly over the city. Day after day, he climbed the mountain to smoke his pipe in peace, enjoying the view of the shimmering sea and the ever-growing city.


One day, while Jan was sitting in his usual spot on the hill, smoking his pipe with relish, he was approached by an elegantly dressed stranger. The man, whose eyes wore a strange darkness, introduced himself as an avid pipe smoker and challenged Jan to a friendly competition. Jan, always ready for a challenge, happily accepted the stranger's invitation. 

The two men smoked for hours, and with each passing hour a thicker and thicker cloud formed over Table Mountain. Eventually the stranger began to cough and wheeze, but Jan remained steadfast. In an act of generosity, he offered the stranger a sip from his flask.

The stranger's coughing subsided and he finally revealed his true identity: he was the devil himself! The devil, defeated and unmasked, disappeared together with Jan in a great bang and flash.


To this day, a thick blanket of cloud occasionally appears over Table Mountain, the "Table Mountain Cloth", and the people of Cape Town say that it is the smoke from Jan's pipe, which is still in competition with the devil.

Our Devil's Peak Gin is inspired by the vivid story and intrepid spirit of Jan Van Hunks. It reminds us to enjoy life with every fiber and to seek our own adventures, just as Jan did, and it invites us to taste the true essence of freedom and courage with every sip.

At the beginning of 2020, I was lucky enough to spend a few months in enchanting Cape Town. Every morning was a new chance to admire the magnificent panorama of the city and its natural beauty. I sat on my terrace with a cup of steaming coffee in my hands and my gaze wandered to the majestic Table Mountain and Devil's Peak, which was constantly surrounded by clouds.

Like Jan Van Hunks in the legend, I often felt drawn to this impressive peak and hiked to it. My path was lined with wild Cape Gooseberries, also known as physalis, growing at the foot of the mountain. This unique fruit, with its sweet and sour taste and striking pod-like husk, is a symbol of South Africa's rich biodiversity and an important ingredient in our gin.

The narrow path I walked was overgrown with lush South African vegetation. The scent of the indigenous plants mingled with the salty sea air, creating a sensory experience that filled my heart with deep peace every time.

Once at the top, the panorama was breathtaking. The view of the Lionshead, Cape Town and the vast Atlantic Ocean as far as the eye could see was incomparable. I let my gaze wander over the landscape and enjoyed the silence, which was only interrupted by the sound of the wind and the distant cries of the seagulls.

These morning hikes were more than just a physical experience. They were a connection to the incomparable nature and culture of South Africa, and they inspired the creation of our unique Devil's Peak Gin. Every sip of this gin is an invitation to join me on these trails and experience the heart and soul of Cape Town.

The careful selection and preparation of the ingredients is crucial to the quality of our gin. At the center is the 100% Arabica coffee, which is sourced from our partner, the Coffee Sergeantfreshly roasted in Falkensee. The green coffee comes from the Brazilian Campo das Vertentes growing region, which is located in the heart of the state of Minas Gerais. Thanks to its high altitude and constant rainfall, this region offers the perfect growing conditions for Arabica beans. The coffee farmers harvest the beans by hand and send the green coffee directly from Brazil to us in Germany. The coffee from this region is characterized by an intense chocolate aroma, a pronounced body and excellent purity. 

The carefully selected coffee beans for our gin are macerated in fine wheat alcohol for several weeks to create an intense but subtle coffee flavor. This base forms the heart of our gin and gives it its unique character.

Further botanicals are then added, including Cape Gooseberries (physalis peruviana) and blueberries, which I got to know and love during my time in South Africa. These fruits macerate in the coffee-alcohol mixture for several days to release their flavors optimally.

After this phase, the macerate is distilled three times in a copper still to refine and concentrate the flavor. The gin is then stored for several weeks before being bottled by hand.

This meticulous process ensures that every sip of our Devil's Peak Gin captures the stories, flavors and atmosphere of my time in South Africa.


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Campo das Vertentes, a Brazilian region, is known for its high-quality coffee. With a full body, a pronounced sweetness and a rich aroma reminiscent of chocolate, nuts and dark fruits, this coffee enriches our gin.

The favorable growing conditions allow the coffee cherries to ripen slowly, allowing them to develop a more intense aroma. The region's sustainable cultivation methods not only maximize the quality of the beans, but also protect the environment. 

In our gin, this special 100% Arabica coffee complements the other botanicals and gives it a deep and rich note reminiscent of a freshly brewed cup of coffee.

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Cape Gooseberry

The Cape Gooseberry, also known as the Andean berry or physalis, is a small, golden fruit embedded in a delicate, papery shell. This exotic fruit originates from the Andean regions of South America and is known for its unique sweet and sour taste, which combines notes of tomato, mango and passion fruit. 

The berries are often eaten raw, but they are also a popular ingredient in jams, chutneys and desserts. In a coffee gin, the Cape Gooseberry can add a refreshing fruity note that wonderfully complements the tart taste of the coffee and the strong juniper flavor of the gin.

A trivial detail about the Cape Gooseberry is that, despite its name, it is not actually related to the gooseberry. It belongs to the nightshade family, which also includes tomatoes and peppers.

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Blueberries, also known as bilberries, are small, dark berries that grow in temperate and cold regions around the world. They are known for their sweet, slightly tart flavor and rich aroma. 

Blueberries are a good source of antioxidants and have a variety of health benefits. They have been used as both food and medicine since ancient times, especially by the indigenous people of North America.

In a coffee gin, blueberries can add a fruity sweetness that balances the bitterness of the coffee and the spiciness of the gin. They can also add a beautiful color to the gin and give it an extra layer of flavor that makes it even more complex and interesting.

A trivial detail about blueberries is that they have a symbolic meaning in many cultures. They often stand for protection and good luck, and in some legends they were said to be inhabited by fairies.

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Wild raspberries

Compared to their cultivated relatives, wild raspberries have a more intense, richer aroma and a stronger sweetness, which gives the gin a summery freshness. They have been collected and consumed since the Stone Age. In Christian symbolism, wild raspberries were seen as a sign of kindness.

An interesting fact: wild raspberries often grow in areas that have been devastated by forest fires.

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Juniper is the basic botanical that gives gin its distinctive, resinous and slightly sweet taste. Juniper berries are actually female cones and take two to three years to fully ripen on a juniper bush. They have a long history in the healing arts and were already used in ancient Egypt as an ingredient in balms and ointments. A trivia fact: In the Middle Ages, juniper was believed to protect against witches and the berries were often hung over doorways to ward off evil spirits.


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